Drunk, Probably. | Dead Poet Sobriety

by Portage

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Two tracks off of our upcoming EP that will be released in 2016. These songs were released individually on compilations put together by Little Pup Records and Compass Audio.


released January 8, 2016

Lyrics and music written and performed by Portage.

"Drunk, Probably." features the vocal talents of Steve Perrino (Envoi/Bygone Days).

"Drunk, Probably." was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Perrino of Compass Audio.

"Dead Poet Sobriety" was recorded. mixed, and mastered by Justin Cheuvront of Starship Sounds.

Album artwork by Chelsea Donovan.



all rights reserved


Portage Akron, Ohio

Portage is an Emo/Math Rock band from northeast Ohio.

We are:
Justin - Guitar
Isaac - Vocals
Eric - Drums

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Track Name: Drunk, Probably.
Flu meds down with bold ideas.
Bleeding from my nose.
The air is dry and cold.

The style and grace of that whiskey jacket.
In vintage taste, a well tailored habit.
I will wane and I will forfeit.
A few bottles with our pain, two pillows and a blanket.

Flu meds down with bold ideas.
Bleeding from my nose.
The air is dry and cold.
Rooms spin, impulsed with bold ideas.
Who is driving you home?
A taste more of beer for the road.

Old enough to make the call but too young for the right one.
Black Label on her lips, into the car she's stumbling.
All's well that never ends.
Dear before liquor.
All's best that never began.
I've never been sicker.

I could stay sick like this forever
We are young and drunk.
We'd be invincible if just cognitive enough.
Track Name: Dead Poet Sobriety
I'm sure you're hungry, Honey - though you never want to go.
You're sure I'm up to something, I admit it's justly skeptical.
But there's no point in eating alone.
But there's no point in eating alone.

My apartment had a bottle 'til your lipstick stained a glass.
In this bed I never make, two bodies lay awake.
Now there's no point in drinking alone.
When no one is sleeping alone.

And it goes without saying, I only bite the bitter end.
So I let you out of your own clothes.
Too hoarse to admit the score, we are sobered.
How it feels to know and be known.

I am winning you over.
Worked this out a few times in my head.
Say something out loud you have never told anyone else.
I can bare anything.
Rest them on my shoulder, all your burdens.
Guts are in confidence still when timidly spilt.

I'll get up so late in hopes she's still here.
I'll get up so late in hopes you're still here.

...I've worked this out a few times in my head.