Imaginary Friends EP

by Portage

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Imaginary Friends EP
Released November 22, 2013.
Thanks for listening.


released November 22, 2013

Portage is:
Justin - Guitar, Vocals
Isaac - Vocals, Bass
Hobie - Drums

Recorded, mixed, etc. by Portage at Starship Sounds Studio in Deerfield, OH.



all rights reserved


Portage Akron, Ohio

Portage is an Emo/Math Rock band from northeast Ohio.

We are:
Justin - Guitar
Isaac - Vocals
Eric - Drums

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Track Name: Antlers in the Treetop
We'll be taking our hearts back.

Spit out the sugar pill.
Sure it feels better but it isn't real.
I was searching for a safe place.
But when I looked up... the sky was empty.

I stopped believing in the devil at ten and haven't feared any god since.
I am too old now for monsters or imaginary friends.

I stopped believing in the devil at ten I stopped believing in the devil at ten.
I stopped believing in the devil and I haven't feared any god since.

Thinking back on every time that I asked the wind for help.
Realize I was only talking with myself.
Vest not your faith in ghosts.
We are too wise for those.
Track Name: My Stomach is the Upset of the Year
Fairy tales told in vain.
Wrist and stomach spill the same.
We're told in vain, how pretty we.
Are as pretty as can be.

My stockholm love of depravity.
Such long deprived dilated eyes.
In disgust I throw it up.
And leave the cuts to be seen enough.

(I'm seen enough)

She wants selfish, cold and distant.
Violence is all that keeps her interest.
Because she needs her men just like her father.
This is the chorus for unwanted daughters.

It's heart felt like an open wound.
A pinch of salt on the slug of my youth.
(Do you think I'm pretty yet?) Have I been letting you down here?
(Do you think I'm?) My stomach is the upset of the year.

I look my best in red-look my best sick.
Don't I look good in blood and vomit?
I look my best in red-look my best sick...
Track Name: Irony at Its Utmost Dramatic
Act one, scene one opens with a lot of smut.
Cause it's what the people want, and you'd whore for love.
Sex sells so scandal is the only role played.
I cast a cocktail bomb, let it serve as my bouquet.

Break, break, break your leg.
What a performance.
Grand drapery falls on the opera.
And this theatre is set on fire.

Stealing hearts with the sleight of a stagehand.
From the edges of seats and standing ovations.
To the ironic misuse of dressing rooms.
With the help of "biggest fans."

Curtain call, we all.
Burn out like spot lights.

Finding figurative truth in the fact.
That always facing an audience.
Means turning your back to the supporting cast.
Not actors in a play but players caught in the act.

Break. Break.
Bomb and bouquet.
Track Name: Magician. Wizard. Warlock.
I am vanity's bane.
Where she's from I hear they've got ways.
Of dealing with types like me.
Well what else is a boy to be?

I sold my heart of gold to fund this silver tongue.
When 'truth' is only a farce believed by everyone.

Wished I could tell you I cried.
But my eyes are the windows to hell.
And they are just as dry.
And I am quite all right.

We lost our innocence to pick up bad habits.
Laughing 'til we made ourselves sick.

Don't forget why I'm doing this.
These dinners, party of two, aren't the same without you.

You're the closest I came to credence in angels.
If you don't meant it now, pretend well so I can't tell.
That the itch on the roof of your mouth is my name.
Rubbed off your tongue with all the words you couldn't say.